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IMD - 2007

Article from 2007 - India IMD inauguration

SIF accepts 19th Nov as International Men’s Day!!

Indian Men's rights organisation Save Indian Family have joined in with an inaugural celebration of IMD on 19 November, 2007. But, there is no consensus in many countries about this day. As a first step it accepted 19 November as (Indian) International Men's Day based on the fact that cricket rivals Australians and West Indies (Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago) were already doing it. SIFF is in the process of creating consensus around the world for accepting 19th November as International Men’s Day. As a first step, SIFF accepts 19th November (not 28th September) as International Men’s Day.

IMD - 2008

IMD in Australia 2008
In 2008 interest in men's contribitions were highlighted with the rediscovery of the sunken vessel HMAS Sydney off the coast of Geralton in Western Australia, in which 645 men lost their lives during the Second World War. For this reason the 2008 IMD promoted the theme of sacrifice, and coordinator Warwick Marsh of Dads4Kids wrote,

"The 19th of November is historically a day of great significance for every Australian. In 1941 it was the day HMAS Sydney was lost..... The theme for the International Men's Day 2008 is 'Honour and Sacrifice' . This commemorates what our Aussie men, sons, fathers and grandfathers, both past and present, have sacrificed for their families, communities, and the nation."

Warwick Marsh, Greg Smith MP., Elizabeth Celi, Peter Smith

The event was celebrated in the historic Parkes Room at New South Wales Parliament House, where a minute's silence was observed at 1PM in memory of the 645 men who lost their life on the 19th November 1941. Speakers at the event included Dr Elizabeth Celi, author and Men's Health advocate, and men and fathers consultant Rob Koch who said "November 19 is a date to validate. Men don't seem to need recognition, approval or appreciation but when it does come his way, even on just one day, he can stand a little taller all the other days. He may shrug off the attention at the time but there will be a noticeably new spring in his step. That's got to be good for everyone." In her keynote address Dr. Celi said, "International Men's Day is one of many acknowledgements we need to make to men for their valuable contributions to our society and our families. Their masculine qualities are a strength that focuses and grounds women. Trust me, a world with only women would be no fun at all… To all the blokes out there, Happy International Men's Day. To all the women, text your men friends and wish them a happy International Men's Day."

Singapore International Men's Day Inauguration - 2008

AS PART of International Men's Day (19-21 Nov incl), the Adam Association organised a forum - Definition of a Man - which identified various problems men face at home such as communication issues, and how to overcome them. Held in Malay, speakers included Dr Maliki Osman, Parliamentary Secretary for National Development, and staff members from the Registry of Marriages. The forum was open to the public for free and was held at the Darussalam mosque along Commonwealth Avenue West from 8.30pm. Another event, also part of International Men's Day, was the Admiralty Baby Genius and Kids' Fashion contest, held on Sunday at Woodlands. Jointly organised by Adam Association and Ace the Place Community Club Management Committee, activities included a diaper-changing contest for fathers. For more information, please call the Adam Association at 9885-3127.

UK IMD Inauguration - 2008

On November 2008 an invitation went out to Kent university students to come and celebrate International Men's Day at Mungos! This event was organized and coordinated by Canterbury's Kent University student organization 'Raise and Give' (or RAG as we are better known). RAG is Kent Unions charitable arm located in the Student Activities Centre which raises thousands of pounds for charity each year! The night started at 7pm with live soccer coverage of England v Germany on the big screen, and afterwards the evening heated up with a mixture of comedy and live music from student favourites, "Clacket Lane".  There was a raffle including the chance to win some of the very latest computer games for X Box and PS3 alongside many more suprises!  There was also a guitar hero competition and an X-box tournament with the chance to win more prizes. About 300 people attended with roughly equal numbers of males and females. The event was a resounding success and all participants had a memorable celebration.

All proceeds went to ORCHID a charity for all male cancers, including prostate, penile or testicular cancer. Male attendees at International Men's Day were invited to buy a "Know Your Balls" wrist band at Mungos campus bar and get entry discounts at the Venue for afterwards. Orchid plays a leading role in the fight against male cancer through research and awareness and by supporting patients. 

The following is an email from Holly Parker, an organiser of the Kent Uni event in response to an email from Jason Thompson requesting details about 'who' organised the event.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2008 10:20 PM
Subject: International Man's Day

Hi Jason,
My name is Holly Parker and I was the person who came up with the concept of the event on the 19th Nov. I am a Masters student studying Dramaturgy and thought I would put what I have learnt into practice by organising a big event. Two girls, Helen Moore and Gokce Ibrahim who study Creative Producing at the same Kent University helped me organise this event and we became joint partners in organising the event.
It was comprised of a simple evening event held at the University bar, Mungos. For the night, we had the Germany V England friendly, stand-up comedy, live music from Clacket Lane, a Guitar Hero tornament and a raffle with crates of beer, meals for two, ODEON tickets, mens pamper day, Xbox/PC/Playstation games that were generously donated. Our main donations came from Matt Precious, from GAME and Adam Bateman from Fewicks. Not forgetting the hard work the two girls put in in promoting the event through posters and flyering and selling homemade "willy biscuits" they/we stayed up until 2am making!
The event raised money for ORCHID, a charity for male cancers. They were very helpful and gave us wrist bands to sell (with "know your balls... check 'em out" on them) and collection pots, posters and banners. All in all, we raised over £300, which "RaiseandGive" who you contacted helped us bank straight to ORCHID.
If there is anything I can help you out with, please let me know. Unfortunately, we don't have many pictures, but if you really did want some, I could send a Facebook message out requesting some. What is it you are actually doing?
All the best,
Holly Parker.

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