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2005 and 2006 seem to have been rather quiet years in regards of IMD celebrations. As yet we have knowledge of only a few observations in Australia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Haiti. Here are a few documents from that period:

Dentist Maxo Dejanis inaugrated IMD in both Jamaica 2001 and in Haiti 2005.

Email confirmation of IMD observation in 2006 in South Trinidad

--- On Sun, 1/3/10, Jason Thompson wrote:

> From: Jason Thompson
> Subject: IMD 2006?
> To: Jerome Teelucksingh
> Date: Sunday, January 3, 2010, 1:14 PM
> Dear Jerome,
> I do not seem to have many records of IMD
> observations in 2006, although I have a ref to one
> organisation and a further anecdote of the day being observed
> by a Christian group in Sydney, Australia that year.
> I believe you observed the day in 2006, and ask can you tell me the
> details?
> Regards,
> Jason

----- Original Message -----
From: "jerome teelucksingh"
To: Jason Thompson
Sent: Monday, January 04, 2010 1:23 AM
Subject: Re: IMD 2006?


I checked my diary. The celebration was held at Point Fortin Secondary
School in south Trinidad. There was no media coverage that year. A simple
programme which lasted 15 minutes and was done during the morning assembly
before classes began.

In that year I was a secondary school teacher and had not yet been lecturing at the university, hence the reason for the location of the IMD celebration.


In 2006 Dr. Teelucksingh wrote two anthems for International Men's Day, which may be quoted or sung by any celebrants:

                         Onward Men of the World

Sons, fathers, brothers
Daughters, mothers and sisters,
come join the uphill struggle for peace and equality.

It will take decades, centuries, probably longer than
we expect.
But let us keep the faith and persist.

Cooperating and consolidating,
until our dream is achieved,
until we display and receive respect.

Discussing, discovering and enforcing.
Our remedies for ills and issues
will strengthen society’s sinews.

A fire has been lit,
and a movement for positive change quickens its pace.
So accept the baton as a global revolution commences.


                     A Vision for Peace and Equality

Come men of the world, young and old,
belonging to different classes, religions and races.
Let us unite forces
to change cold hearts and unhappy faces.

A world of wars and violence
must be no more.
Yes, we regret a sad past of violence and gore.
Let us rid ourselves of vices many,
for the betterment of our womenfolk, children
and peace of society.
We strive to be role models for the next generation,
bringing joy and goodwill
to countries, towns and families.
Daily we battle temptations and evils,
the victors must assist the losers.
As together we strengthen our resolve
to create a better world.

Written by Jerome Teelucksingh

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